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Web Servers Resource Center

Welcome to the Web Servers Resource Center. Web servers are computer programs that take requests from web browsers and other client applications, and respond with content (e.g., web pages, audio, video, XML, RSS, etc.). Start your search here for web server resources, articles, blogs, books, forums; IIS (5, 6 and 7); Apache web server, sample chapters, web hosting providers and services, tools and downloads, training courses, tutorials, webcasts and more. In the Web Servers Resource Center you’ll find links to:

  • A series of webcasts on topics including securing web servers, domain consolidation, directory planning and much from ZDNet.
  • The free VMware Server tool, a virtualization for Windows and Linux systems that partitions a server into multiple virtual machines.
  • Articles on topics including how web servers work, two web server setup, setting up a server, creating good websites and the truth about servers.
  • Web servers books that cover using Linux and Apache, administrating and securing the Apache server, preventing web attacks with Apache and IIS security.
  • Forums that discuss web hosting, dedicated servers, co-location, virtual private servers (VPS), reseller hosting, setting up a server, security issues and much more.
  • IIS 5, IIS 6 and IIS 7 resources including articles, FAQs, books, installation guides, product reviews and more.
  • Training courses that cover Windows IIS Web Servers, Apache Tomcat and introduce the Apache httpd web server.
  • Tutorials covering hardening Linux web server, retrieving IIS information using ASP.NET 2.0, setting up Perl for use with IIS 6.0, setting up PHP (CGI) for use with IIS 6.0, enabling ASP support in IIS 6.0, troubleshooting Apache, and more.
  • Sample chapters on Apache (the most popular web server), web servers (an introduction), Microsoft IIS and web security threats.
  • And more…

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Update :: December 12, 2019