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Yahoo! Search (Overture)
Overture Keyword Selector Tool
Tool: Overture Keyword Selector Tool helps you determine what terms on your site to bid on. Simply fill in the text box to see the results of the keyword and any related terms.
"Yahoo's Overture Economy"
Article: "Yahoo's Overture Economy" by Jim Hu. Discusses how the acquisition of Overture has helped Yahoo draw more web surfers and increase revenues.
"Yahoo to Buy Overture"
Article: "Yahoo to Buy Overture" by Danny Sullivan. Discusses Yahoo's purchase of Overture (which owns AltaVista and AllTheWeb), the history of Overture and what this consolidation means to searching on the web.
Yahoo! Directory Submit
You can list your site on Yahoo! using their Directory Submit. Once you submit your site to the directory, an editorial team will review it. If it is accepted, there will be an annual fee to continue the listing.
Yahoo! Travel Submit
Yahoo! Travel Submit feature is geared to the travel industry. Companies dealing in travel services can list their travel offers in a prominent area of the results page. This is a cost-per-click service and prices are determined by category.
Yahoo! Product Submit
Yahoo! Product Submit allows you to have your product listed in Yahoo! Shopping. This is a pay-per-click service. Every time someone clicks on your site you are charged a fee (regardless if they buy your product).
Yahoo! Search Submit Pro
Yahoo! Search Submit Pro works much the same way as Search Submit Express. Except here you are given the tools necessary to control how your content is presented, and get marketing information with customized reports.
Yahoo! Search Submit Express
Yahoo! Search Submit Express allows site owners and businesses to submit their sites to algorithmic search results on Yahoo, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, and other search engines. This is a free service and your site is listed on a search results page based on its relevance to the search topic.
Yahoo! Sponsored Search
Yahoo! Sponsored Search is a fee-based service that places your web site at the top of a search result page. When a search matches keywords on your site your site will be in the "Sponsored" area at the top of the search result page.
Yahoo! Local Featured Listings
Yahoo! Local Featured Listings allows site owners or businesses to purchase listing placement on a local (where their businesses are located) search page. When a user initiates a search for a service or product in a particular location, businesses that have signed up for this fee-based service would have their web site listed in a premium area either at the top or bottom of the search page.
Yahoo! Search Marketing Product Descriptions
Yahoo's search marketing products and their descriptions.
Yahoo! Search Marketing Products
Yahoo! Search marketing products page where you will find links to products for current advertisers, new advertisers, and partner solutions.

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