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Vertical Search Wikis, News and Resources
“Search Verticals Gain Traction”,1895,1769386,00.asp
Article: “Search Verticals Gain Traction” by Matthew Hicks. Discusses and shopping search engines sites. These specialty search engines give their users more in-depth searches and assist in comparison shopping.
“Vertical Search Engines Rising Again?”,1759,1869592,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594
Article: “Vertical Search Engines Rising Again?” by Ben Charny. Discusses how many new search engines are geared to a specific topic.
"Specialty Search Engines"
Article: "Specialty Search Engines" by Danny Sullivan. Discusses the different types of specialty search engines including answers searching, computer search engines, domain searching, financial search engines, government search, invisible web, legal search engines, mailing lists, medical search engines, newsgroup search, science search engines, shopping search, travel search engines, WAP search engines, and other specialty services. Each topic is hot linked to a list of specialty engines in that field. is a search engine for locating podcasts. You can search by title and description, keywords, location, host and episodes. When you select one of the browser tags (letters of the alphabet) a list appears with all the topics starting with that letter. Next to each entry in these lists are the number of podcasts.
"Vertical Search Market Quickly Becoming Crowded"
Article: "Vertical Search Market Quickly Becoming Crowded" by Keith Regan of E-Commerce Times.
"Alexa Offers Fee-Based Vertical Search Services"
Blog entry: "Alexa Offers Fee-Based Vertical Search Services" by Danny Sullivan of
"Doing a Vertical Search"
Article: "Doing a Vertical Search" by Susan Kuchinskas. Discusses how vertical search engines are being used to narrow the search field.
"The Four Horsemen of Vertical Search"
Article: "The Four Horsemen of Vertical Search" by Rob McGann. Discusses how the massive growth in the paid search market will be fueled by the top four areas of vertical search: retail, travel, financial services, and media and entertainment.
"Silicon Valley’s Buzzing with Vertical Search"
Blog entry: "Silicon Valley’s Buzzing with Vertical Search" by Om Malik of Business 2.0 Magazine. Discusses how the vast numbers of blogs are infiltrating the top search results, thus making vertical search more attractive for finding marketplace-specific information, and for advertising to reach a target market.
Vertical Search Wiki
Wikipedia entry for vertical search. Discusses the origins of vertical search, vertical search vs. broad-based search, vertical search users, vertical search marketing buyers, factors driving the growth of vertical search, vertical search design and advertising models.

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