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Search Tutorials
"The Google Guide"
Tutorial: "The Google Guide" discusses how Google works, query input, understanding results, the special tools and more.
The Spider's Apprentice: A Helpful Guide..."
Tutorial: "The Spider's Apprentice: A Helpful Guide to Web Search Engines" by Linda Barlow of Monash Information Services. Topics include a guide to web search engines, planning the best search strategy, how search engines work, tips for smart searching, and historical information about the first search engines. Also includes a search engine FAQ.
"Web Searching Tutorial"
Tutorial: "Web Searching Tutorial" by Scott Nicholson. Topics include an introduction to web databases, using a search engine, using a pick list, selecting the proper web database for your search and search examples.
"Finding Information on the Internet"
Tutorial: "Finding Information on the Internet" from University of California at Berkeley. Topics include a five-step search strategy for finding information on the web, and the different types of search tools.
"Search Assistance Features"
Tutorial: "Search Assistance Features" by Danny Sullivan. Walks through some of the search features available on major search engines to help you search more effectively. Features discusses include related searches, clustering, find similar, stemming, search within, spidered version, search by language, page translation, porn filter, customized results, sort by date, date range, date display, advanced search page,
"Power Searching for Anyone"
Tutorial: "Power Searching for Anyone" by Danny Sullivan. Discusses some advanced searching techniques including match any, match all, exclude, site search, URL search, link search, title search and wildcards.
"Search Engine Math"
Tutorial: "Search Engine Math" by Danny Sullivan.
"Searching the World Wide Web: A Basic Tutorial"
Tutorial: "Searching the World Wide Web: A Basic Tutorial" from the Tilburg University library. Topics include types of information on the Internet, using the web, how to search the web, metapages, subject directories, search engines, metasearches or crawlers, specialized search engines, ask an expert, evaluating web pages, and a list of Internet terms.
"A Short and Easy Search Engine Tutorial"
Tutorial: "A Short and Easy Search Engine Tutorial" by Per Koch and Susanne Koch. Topics include an introduction to the tutorial and the Internet, types of search services, advanced Internet searching, Boolean operators, phrases, proximity, case sensitivity, nesting, truncation or wildcards, search engine math, field searching, error codes, menu-based searching, and Pandia's recommendations for Internet searching.

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