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Search News and Resources: Pandia
"A Short and Easy Search Engine Tutorial"
Tutorial: "A Short and Easy Search Engine Tutorial" by Per Koch and Susanne Koch. Topics include an introduction to the tutorial and the Internet, types of search services, advanced Internet searching, Boolean operators, phrases, proximity, case sensitivity, nesting, truncation or wildcards, search engine math, field searching, error codes, menu-based searching, and Pandia's recommendations for Internet searching.
Yahoo! Q-card
Yahoo search Q-card (quick reference guide).
Pandia Plus Q-card
Pandia Plus and the Open Directory search Q-card (quick reference guide).
HotBot Q-card
HotBot search Q-card (quick reference guide).
AlltheWeb Q-card
AlltheWeb search Q-card (quick reference guide).
Google Q-card
Google search Q-card (quick reference guide).
Alta Vista Q-card
Alta Vista search Q-card (quick reference guide).
Pandia News
Find the latest search engine news.
Pandia is a resource for search engine news and information.

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Update :: December 08, 2019