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MSN Search
"Getting Started with Live Search Web Services"
"Getting Started with the Live Search Web Services API" walks through the steps to start developing MSN Search web services applications.
MSN Search Blog
Read the MSN Search blog for the latest news and developments.
Desktop Search Development Forum
Windows Desktop Search development forum.
Web Services Developers Forum
Chat with other developers in the MSN Search web services developers forum.
MSN Search Video
Video: Andy Edmonds and Erik Selberg, from Microsoft's MSN Search team, discuss how MSN Search works, and the features they are adding to compete with the other major search engines.
MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) Site
MSN Search homepage on the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) site. Find documentation, downloads, newsgroups and more.
MSN Search SDK Beta
Download the MSN Search SDK Beta to begin using MSN Search web services.
MSN Search Developer Center
Visit the MSN Search developer center homepage for SDK (software development kit) downloads and help.
How MSN Search Works
Learn how MSN Search works, including how the MSNBot, crawls the web, how the index generator sorts through the data, and how the query server delivers the most relevant results.
MSN Search Toolbar and Desktop Search
Learn more about the MSN Search toolbar and desktop search.
MSN Search Site Submission
Submit your site to the MSN Search engine.
MSN Search Help Site
MSN Search help site includes information about advanced search features, using Search Builder to narrow your search, keyword and symbol references for advanced search, query rules and more.
MSN Search Info
Learn more about MSN Search.
MSN Search
MSN Search homepage.

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