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Google Search
Google Features
Many people who use Google Search are not aware of the numerous features available to help you refine your searches and find answers quickly. These include book search, cached links, calculator, currency conversion, definitions, file types, Froogle, Groups, "I'm Feeling Lucky," images, local search, movies, music search, news headlines, phone book, Q&A, refine your search, results prefetching, search by number, similar pages, site search, spell checker, stock quotes, street maps, travel information, weather, web page translation and "Who links to you?" Visit this site to learn more about each of these features. For a walkthrough of all of the Google services, check out our Google Services Resource Center.
"The Google Guide"
Tutorial: "The Google Guide" discusses how Google works, query input, understanding results, the special tools and more.
Search Preferences
Set your search preferences including SafeSearch filtering, language options, the number of results returned and the new results window.
Google Walk Through
Walks through all of the information provided on a Google search results page.
Advanced Search Features
Learn more about advanced search features including advanced search operators, "+" search, synonym search, "OR" search, domain search, and more.
Google Help Center
The Google Help Center discusses the essentials of Google search, including choosing search terms, capitalization, automatic "and" queries, exclusion of common words, word variations, phrase searches, negative terms and "I'm feeling lucky."

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Update :: December 14, 2019