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Google PageRank Algorithm
"Uncovering Google's PageRank System"
Article: "Uncovering Google's PageRank System" by Jerry West. Discusses what the PageRank is, what a themed site is, reviewing your site, verifying links, site maps, and the Open Directory Project.
"Google PageRank 101"
Article: "Google PageRank 101" by Mario Sanchez. Discusses what Google's PageRank system is and how it works.
PageRank Wiki
Wikipedia's explanation of PageRank discusses Google's rel=noflow proposal, the Google toolbar PageRank, Google directory PageRank, and the PageRank algorithm including a simplified PageRank algorithm, PageRank algorithm including damping factor, and false PageRank.
Search Engine Anatomy
Paper: "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual web Search Search Engine, by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page. Discusses PageRank in section two of their paper. The topics include the use of the citation graph in for calculating PageRank, intuitive justification, and anchor text.
"The Google PageRank Algorithm and How It Works"
Paper: "The Google PageRank Algorithm and How It Works" by Ian Rogers. Discusses how PageRank is used, what PageRank is, how PageRank is calculated, site maps, meta-sites, and a discussion on averages.
PageRank Explained
Get an explanation of Google's PageRank and how it is determined by counting links to a page and the page's content.
Google PageRank
Brief introduction to the Google PageRank, which uses links, text-matching and other factors to determine a site's PageRank.

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