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Findability Wiki
Wikipedia entry for findability—the ability of a Web site to be located online. To learn more about optimizing your web site for search, check out our Search Engine Optimization Resource Center.
Web Site Findability
Web Site Findability, by Michael Heraghty. Discusses Google and other search engines, pagerank, search engine optimization (SEO), planning your web site, aims and objectives, site structure and integration, site hierarchy, getting listed, creating non-searchable areas on your site, dynamic pages, multiple domain names, site content, keyword research, designing your web site, optimizing individual pages, page titles, meta tags, page structure and layout, keyword formats and density, the art of writing optimized text, ALT and TITLE attributes, graphics vs. text, Flash and other multimedia elements, JavaScript and other client-side languages, developing links with other sites, pagerank and backlinks, good vs. bad backlinks, anchor text, linking strategies, site statistics, monitoring key-phrase performance, growing your site, search engine marketing (SEM) and paid-for listings, and search engine spam.
"Findability: Find Anyone or Anything..."
Article: "Findability: Find Anyone or Anything from Anywhere At Any Time" by Robin Good. Discusses ubiquitous findable objects (UFOs), GPS, RFID, UWB, anti-social software, body tags, metadata and security.
"Ambient Findability: Libraries at the Crossroads.
Article: "Ambient Findability: Libraries at the Crossroads of Ubiquitous Computing and the Internet, by Peter Morville. Discusses from information architecture to findability, crossing borders, optimizing findability, the road to ambient findability, sources of inspiration, definitions of information architecture, and definitions of findability.
"The Impact of 'Ambient Findability'"
Article: "The Impact of 'Ambient Findability'" by Liz Danzico. A discussion with Peter Morville and his thoughts on ambient findability.
Web Site Findability
Excerpt from Web Site Findability, by Michael Heraghty. Discusses page titles, relevant key phrases, keeping your page title short, grabbing the searcher's attention, avoiding keyword lists, and using one key phrase per title page.
"Ambient Findability: Talking with Peter Morville"
Article: "Ambient Findability: Talking with Peter Morville" by Liz Danzico. Discusses findability and his thoughts on the subject since the publication of his book Ambient Findability.
"Unlocking the Secrets of SEO"
Article: "Unlocking the Secrets of SEO" from Killian Advertising. Discusses how SEO can bring traffic to your (virtual) door, self-Googling, spiders, four myths of SEO, smarter spiders, and pay-per-click.
"Ambient Findability"
Article: "Ambient Findability" by Peter Morville. Discusses information architecture, user experience, findability, informed decisions, intertwingularity, cathedrals of knowledge, and literate individuals.
"Ambient Findability: Findability Hacks"
Excerpt: "Ambient Findability: Findability Hacks" by Peter Morville from Ambient Findability, October 2005. Discusses search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), SEO guidelines, the consumer buying process, and the consumer decision making process.
Findability Wiki
Wikipedia's definition of findability.
"The Age of Findability"
Article: "The Age of Findability" by Peter Morville. Discusses name the path, self-definition, arrows and boxes, the age of findability, and where do we go from here.
"Lost and Found"
Sample chapter: "Lost and Found" from Ambient Findability, October 2005, by Peter Morville. Discusses a definition of findability, information literacy, business value, and paradise lost.
"Society Mapping"
Article: "Society Mapping" by Peter Morville. Discusses the relationship between findability and information literacy, and explains society mapping.
Ambient Findability, October 2005, by Peter Morville. Discusses information literacy, brief history of wayfinding, information interaction, defining information, information retrieval, language and representation, the people problem, information interaction, wayfinding 2.0, findable objects, imports, exports, convergence, push and pull, marketing, design, findability hacks, personalization, ebb and flow, the sociosemantic web, us and them, the social life of metadata, documents, bounded irrationality, informed decisions, network culture, the body politic, information overload, graffiti theory, sources of inspiration and ambient findability.

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