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Create Your Own Vertical Search Engine: Rollyo
"Roll Your Own Search Engine With Rollyo"
Blog entry: "Roll Your Own Search Engine With Rollyo" by Danny Sullivan of Discusses how you can use Rollyo to create your own vertical search engine that will search up to 25 URLs that you select.
Create a Rollyo Searchroll
Create your own Rollyo Searchroll. Name your Searchroll, enter the sites you want to search, choose a category for your Searchroll (e.g., computers and the Internet, entertainment, government, news and media, sports, etc.), enter keyword tags related to your Searchroll, and select whether or not to make your Searchroll available to others.
Rollyo Searchrolls
Check out the Rollyo Searchrolls from other users.
Rollyo Tools
Check out the Rollyo tools. Add Rollyo to your Firefox toolbar, add a Rollyo search box to your site, create Searchrolls using your saved bookmarks, email your Searchroll to others, search from your desktop and more.
Rollyo FAQ.
About Rollyo

Learn more about Rollyo including sharing Searchrolls, High Rollers (celebrity Searchrollers on Rollyo), single-site search and more.

Create your own vertical search engine using Rollyo. Also, check out some of the search rolls created by other users.

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Update :: December 08, 2019