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Broadcatching Wiki
Wikipedia explanation of broadcatching and its history and uses. is the practice of collecting information from online resources by subscribing to RSS feeds. To learn more about RSS feeds, check out our RSS Resource Center.
“Transpodder: Automatically Get Your Shows..."
Blog: “Transpodder: Automatically Get Your Shows into Your iPod” by Jon Maddox. Discusses broadcatching setup, who broadcatching works, the specifics of broadcatching, and the  technicalities of broadcatching.
Blog: “Broadcatching” by Michael Ashby. Discusses the technologies, the BitTorrent download tool, downloading the BitTorrent client, open ports on your firewall, installing the TVTad, selecting a download method, settings, choosing your favorites, adding favorites later, installing the DiVX, and helpful links.
"Getting Started with BitTorrent"
Paper: “Getting Started with BitTorrent + RSS in Radio (Beta),” March 2004,  by Andrew Grumet. Discusses installation, design notes and functions that may be added.
“How To: BroadCatching"
Blog: “How To: BroadCatching Using RSS + BitTorrent to automatically download TV shows,” posted by Phillip Torrone. Discusses RSS and BitTorrent, the future of TV, getting started, installing the Java run-time engine, installing Azureus (the BitTorrent client), and installing the RSS plugin for Azureus.

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