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Search Engines Resource Center Advance Search's Advance Search options include Find ("all the words" and "the exact phrase"), Include or exclude words or phrases (choices include "Must have," "Must not have," or "Should have"), Location of words or phrases (select from "Anywhere on the page," "In the page title," or "In URL"), Language (allows you to select a language for your search results), you can then select either Domain or site or Geographic region, and finally you can select Date page was last modified from a drop-down list of options or by inserting a date range of your own. You are also give the option to save all of your setting for future searches or you can reset to the original defaults. Search Page|pg:1's search page. Options include web, images, news, maps and directions, local, weather, encyclopedia, shopping, desktop, blogs and feeds. Click the "Next" link for additional search tools including advanced search, Bloglines, currency conversion, dictionary, mobile content, movies, MyStuff, stocks, thesaurus, unit conversion, and white pages. Further refine your search by clicking the "Edit" link which brings up a list of additional search tools. You can also download the Internet Explorer toolbar.

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Update :: December 08, 2019