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Aggregator: A9 OpenSearch
OpenSearch Changelog
OpenSearch specification changelog.
OpenSearch Overview
Overview of the OpenSearch specification.
OpenSearch Extensions
Extensions to the OpenSearch specification.
OpenSearch Aggregaters, Readers, Software
List of online aggregators, readers and software libraries that support OpenSearch.
OpenSearch Software Writers
Lists software writers that support OpenSearch.
OpenSearch Tips
OpenSearch tips and best practices.
OpenSearch FAQ.
Return OpenSearch Results to a Site
Discusses how to return OpenSearch results on your web site using RSS and ATOM.
License Information
OpenSearch license information.
OpenSearch Mailing List
Sign up for the OpenSearch mailing list or read the archived discussions.
Submit to OpenSearch
Submit your search to the OpenSearch index so your feeds are included in search results.
OpenSearch Search Feeds
Check out the search feeds included in OpenSearch.
OpenSearch FAQ.
"A9 Launches 'OpenSearch'"
Blog entry: "A9 Launches 'OpenSearch'—Vertical Search, Syndicated" by John Battelle.
A9 OpenSearch
A9 OpenSearch enables web sites with search functionality to share search results in an open format that tools such as aggregators can read. There are hundreds of OpenSearch feeds including IceRocket blog search, job search,,, Wikipedia, GoFish digital media search, the Seattle Public Library, Koders source code search, Flickr photo search, Feedster RSS search, and many more.

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Update :: December 08, 2019