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Open Source Training and Education
MySQL: Implementing Databases with MySQL
Implementing Databases with MySQL fee-based, five-day course covers database fundamentals, MySQL overview, the features of MySQL, installation and configuring a MySQL server, using MySQL clients, SHOW and DESCRIBE, understanding storage, data types, the SELECT statement, expressions and functions, updating tables, and importing and exporting data.
Perl: Perl Courses from Tom Christiansen
Series of Perl courses from Tom Christiansen. On-site courses and open enrollment public seminars. Beginning Perl is a four-day course that covers basic I.O. and flow control, operators, manipulating strings, arrays and lists, hashes, I/O techniques, data structures and references, regular expressions and subroutines. Intermediate Perl is a 3-day course that covers the subtleties of Perl, using modules, writing modules, references, data structures, object-oriented Perl, exceptions, signal handling, and programming Perl with style. Overview of Perl Modules is a two-day course that covers pragmatic modules, program development modules, text manipulation modules, file and file handling, directory and pathname modules, date and time modules and network services. Advanced Perl is a three-day course that covers references, symbol tables, advanced techniques for writing modules, object-oriented Perl, regular expression techniques, extending Perl with C, process management and threads.
PHP: Four-Day PHP Course
Four-day, fee-based PHP course available in most major U.S. cities. Topics covered include an overview of PHP, static vs. dynamic Web sites, developing dynamic Internet applications, conditional constructs, PHP functions, arrays in PHP, scripting and looping constructs, an introduction to Apache Web server, PHP operators, working with databases and forms, data files, configuring and using MySQL, using cookies, and enabling e-commerce.
PHP: On-Site PHP Training
On-site, fee-based PHP training. Topics include PHP essentials, variables, arrays, operators, control structures, strings, forms, sessions, functions, includes, OOP, files, streams, SQL, databases; PHP security filter input, escape output, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, exposed source code, and hijacking.
PHP: Web-Based PHP Course
Web-based PHP course. The first three chapters of the course are free and cover an explanation of what PHP is, data flow, scripting vs. viewing, embedding PHP within HTML, variables, operators, complex operators, conditional operators, logical operators, and using Else and ElseIf. The rest of the course (for which you will need to pay) covers loops and control structures, querying a database, interacting with a user,intermediate coding techniques, sessions and users, objects, and building a data-driven Web site.
PHP: PHP and MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle
Programming with PHP and MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle 5-day, fee-based training course covers working with text and numbers, arrays, functions, Web forms, GET and POST data forms, storing information with databases, using Cookies and Sessions, Dates and Times handling, working with files, debugging and other PHP features. Prerequisites include programming concepts, HTML, working with database management systems (DBMS).
PHP: Advanced PHP Programming with MySQL
Advanced PHP Programming with MySQL 5-day, fee-based training course covers the fundamentals of PHP, OOP and PHP 5, debugging code, session handling features, leveraging code with PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) and PECL (a directory of PHP Extensions), client-server applications with XML_RPC, managing MySQL, implementing stored procedures and triggers with MySQL, using the MySQL query optimizer, and accessing databases with PHP. Prerequisites include experience with PHP and Perl (or other scripting language), and basic programming concepts.

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