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Open Source Sample Chapters
The Source of Open Source
Sample Chapter: “The Source of Open Source,” from Succeeding with Open Source, August 2004, by Bernard Golden. Discusses what open source is, who creates open source, who uses open source, where to get open source software, and when and how to use open source.
The Business of Linux and Open Source
Sample chapter: “The Business of Linux and Open Source,” The Business and Economics of Linux and Open Source, September 2002, by Martin Fink. Discusses Linux adoption, crash course in Linux and open source lingo (kernel, GNU, distribution, package, free software, open source, community, maintainer, and GPL), Linux workloads, business benefits, cost, availability of trained resources, support, control and vendor independence, software development, upgrades, inhibitors to Linux growth, application availability, maturity, scalability, business risk, and who's who in open source.
Introduction From Open Sources
Sample chapter: “Introduction,” from Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution, January 1999, by Chris Dibona, Sam Ockman, Mark Stone, Brian Behlendorf, Scott Bradner, Jim Hamerly, Kim McKusick, Tim O'Reilly, Tom Paquin, Bruce Perens, Eric Raymond, Richard Stallman, Michael Tiemann, Linus Torvalds, Paul Vixie, Larry Wall, and Bob Young. Discusses what free software is and how it relates to open source, what open source software is, the dark side of the source, use the source, and innovation through scientific method.
The MIT, BSD, Apache and Academic
Sample chapter: “The MIT, BSD, Apache and Academic" from Open Source & Free Software Licensing, August 2004, by Andrew M. St. Laurent. Discusses the MIT (or X) license, the BSD license, the Apache license (versions 1.1 and 2.0), the academic free license, and the application and philosophy of these licenses.
Property and the Problem of Software
Sample chapter: “Property and the Problem of Software,” from The Success of Open Source, April 2004, by Steven Weber. Discusses the analytic problem of open source and the political economy of open source.

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