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Open Source Graphics and Multimedia Applications
MythTV is an open source application that allows you to create your own television for watching and recording shows, listening to music and more.
Blender is a powerful, open source, 3D graphics application for animation, rendering, modeling and more. Works on all major operating systems. Find news, downloads, support, forums, an art gallery and more.
Download mp3togo—a linux tool that creates audio files to be played on mp3 players, burned onto CDs, etc.
Rockbox is an open source jukebox. Site includes downloads, documentation, mailing lists, FAQ, a wiki, bug reports, reasons for using Rockbox and more.
MediaPortal is an open source media center. Use it to listen to CDs and radio, watch DVD and videos, record TV shows and more. Site includes downloads, documentation, blogs, articles and more.
VLC Open Source Media Player
VLC open source media player works on most operating systems. Site includes downloads, documentation, projects, a wiki, forums, change logs and more.
Open Source Flash
Open Source Flash. Includes projects, tutorials, a wiki and more.
Xara Xtreme
Xara Xtreme open source graphics software. Site includes downloads, forums, mailing lists, documentation and developer resources.

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Update :: December 14, 2019