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Open Source Resource Center


Open Source Forums
TechSoup’s forum for Open Source and Free Software.
The Open Group
The Open Group has several specialized forums, including the Architecture Forum for the development of open methods and tools, the Enterprise Management Forum for developing an open management environment for complex solutions, the Grid Enterprise Services Forum for network centric services, the Jericho Forum for security architectures for business-to-business networks, the Identity Management Forum for open standards-based identity management, the Platform Forum for standardizing the infrastructure on which applications can be built,  the Real-Time and Embedded Systems Forum for systems standards for real-time and embedded systems, the Security Forum for security standards and guidelines, and the Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) Forum for establishing a classification system for data element concepts.
Open Source Web Design Forum
The Open Source Web Design Forum. Topics include Web design, templates, formatting for browsers, creating images, compatibility, link editing, and flash menus.
JBoss Forums
JBoss Forums include the following topics: J2EE design patterns, JBoss documentation, installation, configuration and deployment, Eclipse IDE, EJB 3.0, security, management, Web services, Javassist, application server developers, design, and testing.
Java Open Source Forum
Java open source forum.

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