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GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Free Software Directory
Free software directory from the Free Software Foundation lists free software that works with free operating systems.
Free Software Foundation
Free Software Foundation (FSF) promotes the development and use of free software—particularly the GNU operating system.
Free Software Definition
Free software definition page discusses the true meaning of "free software." It is not about the price of the software, but rather it is about the freedom for users to run, copy, modify and share the software.
GNU Development Resources
GNU Development Resources page. Topics include CVS (Concurrent Versions System, which is used to track work and changes in the software development process) and GNU Savannah (a software development management system), login accounts, mailing lists, Web server and FTP.
Download GNU
Download the GNU operating system.
GNU is a free, open source operating system that is similar to the Unix operating system. Visit this site for information about GNU, downloads, resources and more.
The GNU Project
Book excerpt: "The GNU Project," by Richard Stallman, provides an introduction to the GNU Project.

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