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Django (Web Framework)
Django Developer Looking For a Job?
Are you a Django developer looking for a job? Post your information here, or check out the job postings from companies looking for Django developers.
Source Code Repository
Django source code repository.
Django FAQ
Django FAQ.
Web Sites Powered by Django
Check out some of the Web sites powered by Django.
Django Database API
Django database API reference. Topics include basic lookup functions, field lookups, ordering, relationships, limiting selected rows, other lookup options, changing objects, creating new objects, deleting objects, comparing objects, extra instance methods and extra module functions.
Designing Your First Django App: Part 2
Tutorial: Designing Your First Django App: Part 2," by Adrian Holovaty, continues with the development of the Web polling application including activating the admin site, creating a user account and starting the development server.
Designing Your First Django App: Part 1
Tutorial: Designing Your First Django App: Part 1," by Adrian Holovaty, walks you through the development of a Web polling application including the initial setup, creating models, activating models and playing with the API.
Overview of Django
Overview of Django discusses installation, the free API, the dynamic admin interface, designing your URLs, designing templates and more.
Django is a Python Web framework for writing database-driven Web applications quickly and easily. Find downloads, documentation, a blog, an aggregation of Django blog entries from numerous users, mailing lists, code and more.

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Update :: December 15, 2019