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Apache Software Foundation
ApacheCon Europe 06
ApacheCon Europe 06
June 26-30, 2006
Dublin, Ireland
Conference hosted by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Topics covered at the conference will include HTTP server, Jakarta, Tomcat , Geronimo, XML, Web services, portals, databases, iBATSIS, Cocoon, Lenya, Forrest, Lucene, struts, MyFaces, XMLBeans,Maven, Perl, PHP, Python, open source business and community, subversion and more.
Apache Projects
Check out the latest list of Apache projects.
Apache Software Foundation Licenses
Apache Software Foundation licenses.
Apache Software Foundation FAQ
Apache Software Foundation FAQ.
Apache Software Foundation
Apache Software Foundation (ASF) site. The ASF is a community of developers that supports open source software projects characterized by collaborative development, open licenses, and high quality applications. Visit this site for the latest ASF news and developments.

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