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MySQL Resource Center

Our MySQL Resource Center focuses on the vast amount of free MySQL content available online, plus some for-sale items. Start your search here for tools, downloads, tutorials, podcasts, wikis, documentation, conferences, FAQs, books, sample chapters, articles, newsgroups, forums, jobs, contract opportunities, and more that will help you develop MySQL database applications. Keep track of MySQL blogs from MySQL AB’s team and others for the latest news and developments. Download free open-source projects. Check out the best job sites and set up alerts so that you are notified when new jobs are posted.
      Get started with the MySQL tutorials. You'll learn about data types and tables, manipulating the database, creating database tables, inserting data into the MySQL table and displaying MySQL data. Learn how databases work, how to back up and restore your MySQL database and more. Check out the tutorial entitled "Building a Simple Affiliate System in PHP/MySQL," by Roger Stringer.
      Read a comparison of Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Check out the new features in MySQL 5.0 including server-side cursors, information schema, instance manager, precision math, storage engines, stored routines, strict mode and error handling, triggers, views, XA transactions, performance enhancements and more. Find instructions for upgrading from MySQL 4.1 to MySQL 5.0. Check out the MySQL references including cheat sheets, libraries and gotchas. Check out MySQL 5.1. Download the latest tools. Learn about MaxDB—an open-source, SAP-certified database for OLTP and OLAP. Check out MySQL Cluster—a fault-tolerant database clustering architecture. Learn more about MySQL —a C wrapper for the MySQL C API. Learn about MySQL replication that allows you to maximize availability of your data. Find lots of great MySQL projects and tools including the MySQLicious tool that allows you to copy bookmarks into a MySQL database.
      Check out the MySQL security resources including books, tutorials and articles. Read the free MySQL sample chapters on the MySQL Query Browser, replication, MySQL system architecture, MySQL database design, record selection techniques and more.
      Find MySQL-related wikis. Check out the MySQL 5.0 FAQs. Subscribe to MySQL newsgroups—you'll find groups for general discussions and specific MySQL features like MySQL replication and MySQL Cluster. Check out the newsgroups from some of the international MySQL users groups. Get help from other MySQL developers in the MySQL forums. You'll find forums for newbies, MySQL tools, third-party applications, MySQL connectors, computer languages, MySQL storage engines, hardware, SQL standards, MySQL technology, MaxDB and more. Interested in migrating from your existing database to MySQL? Visit the MySQL migration forums and talk to other developers about migrating MySQL from Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL and Microsoft Access.
      Read the experts musings on MySQL and related technologies in their blogs, including Mike Hillyer, Lenz Grimmer and Zack Urlocker of MySQL AB. Find Web-based, open enrollment and on-site MySQL training courses for all levels. Listen to Martin Mickos, CEO of MySQL AB, discuss MySQL 5.0. Check out the MySQL Users Conference.

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Update :: January 22, 2020