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MySQL Resource Center


MySQL Tutorials and Webcasts
Guide to Cost-effective Database Scale-Out
Whitepaper: "Guide to Cost-effective Database Scale-Out using MySQL."
Webinar Offerings From MySQL AB
Check out the latest Webinar offerings from MySQL AB. Topics include MySQL 5.1, MySQL Cluster and more.
Sample MySQL Video Tutorials
Check out the free sample MySQL video tutorials including database basics and SQL basics.
Building a Simple Affiliate System in PHP/MySQL
Tutorial: "Building a Simple Affiliate System in PHP/MySQL," by Roger Stringer. Topics include building the database, your settings, being common, look and feel, your index page, letting affiliates join, letting affiliates login, adding affiliate code to your site, managing affiliates and paying your affiliates.
Tutorial from the MySQL AB site. Topics include connecting to and disconnecting from the server, entering queries, creating and using a database, getting information about databases and tables, using MySQL in batch mode, example of common queries, queries from the twin project, and using MySQL with Apache.
PHP/MySQL Tutorial
Tutorial: "PHP/MySQL Tutorial," covers setting up a database, inserting information, displaying data, more outputs, single records and error trapping, updating and deleting, and finishing the script.
PHP MySQL Tutorial
Tutorial: "PHP MySQL Tutorial." Walks through the installation of Apache, PHP and MySQL. Discusses PHP, MySQL, connecting to the MySQL database, creating a MySQL database, inserting data into a MySQL database, getting the data, using paging data, using PHP to backup a MySQL database, form validation, creating a guestbook, uploading files to MySQL, creating a content management system (CMS), user authentication, finding Web hosting for PHP and MySQL, and more. Includes a shopping cart tutorial.
MySQL on Mac OS X
Tutorial: "MySQL on Mac OS X." Topics include MySQL features and drawbacks, installing MySQL, configuring and compiling MySQL.
Creating a MySQL Connection with PHP/AJAX
Tutorial: "Creating a MySQL Connection with PHP/AJAX," by John Wiseman. Includes sample code.
How to Set Up a Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster
Tutorial: "How to Set Up a Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster," shows you how to configure a MySQL 5.0 cluster with two storage nodes and one management node.
How to Set Up Database Replication in MySQL
Tutorial: "How to Set Up Database Replication in MySQL."
PHP and MySQL: Introduction
Tutorial: "PHP and MySQL: Introduction." Discusses how you can use PHP and MySQL.
Backing Up and Restoring Your MySQL Database
Tutorial: "Backing Up and Restoring Your MySQL Database."
MySQL Database Handling in PHP
Tutorial: "MySQL Database Handling in PHP."
How Databases Work
Tutorial: "How Databases Work," discusses MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL. 1.0, ODBC, and MySQL
Tutorial: " 1.0, ODBC, and MySQL 'How to,'" by John McCreesh. Topics including joining 1.0 to MySQL using ODBC, Using the data source tools in 1.0, using data sources in other 1.0 programs and using the form AutoPilot.
PHP/MySQL Tutorial: Introduction
Tutorial: "PHP/MySQL Tutorial: Introduction," provides an introduction to databases and why you should use them, walks you through the installation and setup of MySQL. Additional topics include admin, syntax, database, connect, create table, insert, query, fetch array, select, where, order by, join, left join, update, delete, backup and more.
Beginner's Guide to PHP and MySQL
Tutorial: "Beginner's Guide to PHP and MySQL," by Rafi Ton. Topics include viewing the database, adding an entry to the database, modifying and entry to the database and deleting an entry from the database.
Introduction to PHP and MySQL
Tutorial: Introduction to PHP and MySQL discusses PHP programming, creating a test table in MySQL, basic selects, inserting, updating and deleting.
Introduction to MySQL
Tutorial: "Introduction to MySQL." Topics include gaining access to MySQL, Downloading and Installing phpmyadmin, creating database tables, inserting data into the MySQL table and displaying MySQL data.
Beginning MySQL Tutorial
Tutorial: "Beginning MySQL Tutorial," by W.J. Gilmore. Topics include datatypes and tables, manipulating the database, advanced MySQL commands and more.

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