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MySQL Resource Center


MySQL Security
MySQL Security Forum
MySQL Security forum.
MySQL Security
Article: "MySQL Security," by Ryan Maple. Topics include root password, default users and tables and disable TCP networking.
Security, Access Control and Privileges
Sample chapter: "Security, Access Control and Privileges," from the book, MySQL: The Complete Reference by Vikram Vaswani.
Setting MySQL Security
Tutorial: "Setting MySQL Security," discusses user privileges, host privileges and grants.
Securing MySQL
Article: "Securing MySQL," by Chris Verges. Topics include installing and configuring MySQL, securing the configuration files and SSL magic.
Securing MySQL: Step-by-Step
Tutorial: "Securing MySQL: Step-by-Step," by Artur Maj. Topics include installing MySQL, configuring the server, communicating between PHP and MySQL, and more.
Secure MySQL Database Design
Tutorial: "Secure MySQL Database Design," by Krisy Westphal. Topics include introducing security into MySQL design, three-tier design, access control, roles, integrity, encryption, change control, specific MySQL security considerations, the MySQL permission model and more.
MySQL 5.1 Security Reference Manual
MySQL 5.1 security reference manual. Topics include general guidelines, making MySQL secure against attackers, security-related mysqld options, how to run MySQL as a normal user and more.
Top 7 PHP Security Blunders
Article: "Top 7 PHP Security Blunders," by Pax Dickinson. Blunders include unvalidated input errors, access control flaws, session ID protection, cross site scripting flaws and more.

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