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MySQL Resource Center


MySQL Podcasts
Copyright Ownership in an Open Source Project
Podcast: Matin Mikos, CEO of MySQL AB discusses copyright ownership in an open source project, software patents and more.
Mickos Defends MySQL Deal
Podcast: "Mickos Defends MySQL Deal." Martin Mickos, CEO of MySQL AB, defends the company's strategy and discusses MySQL 5.0.
MySQL Acquisition of Netfrastructure
Podcast: Discusses the MySQL acquisition of Netfrastructure and addresses some of the rumors about MySQL, Oracle, SAP and more.
Database Requirements
Podcast: "Database Requirements in the Age of Scalable Services," by Adam Bosworth at the MySQL User's Conference.
Tim O'Reilly From the MySQL User's Conference
Podcast: Conversation with Tim O'Reilly from the MySQL User's Conference.

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Update :: January 22, 2020