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MySQL Resource Center


MySQL Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
Google Group: comp.databases.mysql
Google Group: comp.databases.mysql mailing list.
MySQL Database
MySQL database mailing list.
PHP and MySQL Developers
Yahoo! Group for PHP and MySQL developers.
PHP Developers
Yahoo! Group for PHP developers includes discussions about MySQL.
MySQL Users Conference
MySQL Users Conference mailing list.
MySQL Community
MySQL community mailing list discusses the MySQL community.
MySQL Eventum Developers
MySQL Eventum developers mailing list.
MySQL Eventum
MySQL Eventum mailing list for people using the Eventum issue-tracking system.
MySQL Bugs
MySQL bugs mailing list.
MySQL Packagers
 MySQL packagers mailing list.
MySQL Certification Announcements
MySQL certification announcements mailing list.
MySQL Database Benchmarks
MySQL database benchmarks mailing list.
MySQL Documentation
MySQL documentation mailing list.
MaxDB mailing list.
MySQL++ mailing list.
MySQL and .NET
MySQL and .NET mailing list.
MySQL and Perl
MySQL and Perl mailing list.
MySQL ODBC mailing list.
MySQL and Java
MySQL and Java mailing list.
MySQL Gui Tools
MySQL Gui Tools mailing list.
MySQL Commits
MySQL Commits mailing list discusses commits messages from MySQL projects.
MySQL Internals Discussion Group
MySQL internals discussion group.
MySQL on Win32
MySQL on Win32 mailing list.
General MySQL
General MySQL mailing list.
MySQL Cluster
MySQL Cluster mailing list.
MySQL Replication
MySQL Replication mailing list discusses the replication features of the MySQL database server.
MySQL Announcements
Sign up to receive announcements about the latest MySQL releases, products, services and more.

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Update :: January 18, 2020