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MySQL Resource Center


MySQL Code, Projects and Tools
MySQLicious Tool
Use the MySQLicious tool to copy bookmarks into a MySQL database. Includes a tutorial, documentation and a FAQ.
Oracle to MySQL
Convert your table data from Oracle to MySQL.
MySQL Schema Manager
MySQL schema manager.
Budget in MySQL
Creates and maintains a budget in a MySQL database.
MinYSQL is a lightweight, Web-based MySQL manager.
MySQL Plus
MySQL Plus is a C/C++ GUI to the MySQL database.
MySQL-Lime is a Frontend editor for MySQL.
MySQL Module for Python
MySQL module for Python Database API Specification v2.0 for CPython.
MySQL for Python
MySQL for Python.
MySQL GUI Client
MySQL GUI client.
Connect Excel to MySQL
Download this tool to connect Excel to a MySQL database.
Download MAMP
Download MAMP (Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, PHP)—a PHP development environment for the Macintosh.
MySQL Quick Lookup
MySQL Quick Lookup tool allows you to search for syntax and usage of functions, etc.
Administers MySQL Over the Web
Tool, written in PHP, administers MySQL over the Web.
CocoaMySQL is an open source MySQL database manager for Mac OS X.
Convert Access to MySQL
Tool converts Access to MySQL.
Monitoring and Logging MySQL Queries
Code for monitoring and logging MySQL queries.
MySQL Automatic Backup Script
MySQL automatic backup script allows you to backup your MySQL database daily, weekly and monthly.

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Update :: January 18, 2020