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MySQL Resource Center


MySQL Certification and Training
Database Administration with MySQL
On-site or open-enrollment course entitled "Database Administration with MySQL," offered in the UK. Topics include overview of DBA duties, obtaining and installing MySQL, the MySQL data directory, starting up and shutting down the MySQL server, managing MySQL user accounts, maintaining MySQL log files, backing up/copying/recovering MySQL databases, tuning the MySQL server, running multiple MySQL servers, updating MySQL, MySQL security, and MySQL database maintenance and repair.
Web-Based PHP and MySQL Training
Web-based PHP and MySQL training courses.
MySQL Training On-Site At Your Location
Comprehensive MySQL Training course can be delivered on-site at your location. Topics include MySQL basics, designing and creating databases with MySQL, using MySQL, MySQL table types and transactions, administering MySQL and optimizing MySQL.
PHP/MySQL/Web Servers
Open-enrollment PHP/MySQL/Web Servers seminars in San Francisco.
MySQL Courses Offered in South Africa
MySQL courses offered in South Africa.
Public Seminars on MySQL Offered in the UK
Open-enrollment public seminars on MySQL offered in the UK. Courses include MySQL Administration and Optimization, MySQL Database Administration and Mastering SQL with MySQL.
Web-Based MySQL Training
Web-based MySQL training. Includes free demos. Topics include database basic, SQL basics, operators in MySQL, querying your data, more complex MySQL, good practices, security, and building a database application.
PHP and MySQL Training Courses
PHP and MySQL training courses including Introduction to PHP and MySQL, Building Data-Driven PHP/MySQL Web Sites with Dreamweaver, and Administering MySQL.
Self-Paced Training
MySQL training including on-site, open-enrollment public seminars and self-paced training.
CD-Based MySQL Training
CD-based MySQL training course. Check out the free sample video tutorials including "Database Basics" and "SQL Basics."
MySQL Training From MySQL AB
MySQL training from MySQL AB. Courses include MySQL 5.0 for Developers, Developing Applications with MySQL and PHP, MySQL 5.0 New Features, and MySQL 5.0 for Database Administrators.
MySQL Training Courses
MySQL training courses. Courses include Implementing Databases with MySQL, MySQL Administration, MySQL Performance and Tuning, Programming with PHP and MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle, Designing and Deploying HA Linux and MySQL Solutions, Advanced PHP Programming with MySQL, MySQL 5.0 Features and MySQL for Developers.
MySQL Public Seminars
MySQL on-site and open-enrollment public seminars (offered worldwide) from MySQL AB. Courses include Managing MySQL 4.1, MySQL 5.0 for Beginners, MySQL 5.0 New Features, MySQL 5.0 for Database Administrators, MySQL 5.0 Performance Tuning, MySQL 5.0 High Availability, MySQL Cluster for High Availability, MySQL Boot Camp, Developing Applications with MySQL and PHP, MySQL 5.0 for Beginners, MySQL 5.0 for Developers, MySQL 5.0 In-depth and more.
MySQL Certification Forum
MySQL Certification discussion forum.

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