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MySQL Resource Center


MySQL 5.1
MySQL 5.1's New XML Functions
Article: "MySQL 5.1's New XML Functions," by Alexander Barkov and Peter Gulutzan. Includes examples.
What's New with MySQL 5.1.x
Blog entry: "What's New with MySQL 5.1.x," by Mike Kruckenberg. Discusses some of the key features in MySQL 5.1.x including partitioning, the plugin API, packaging changes, triggers, the full text index, the event scheduler, logging and more.
MySQL 5.1: Partitioning Not Quite There Yet
Blog entry: "MySQL 5.1: Partitioning Not Quite There Yet," by Jeremy Cole. Discusses his attempts at using partitioning in MySQL 5.1.
MySQL 5.1 and Some of Its New Features
Blog entry announcing the release of MySQL 5.1 and some of its new features.
Blog Entry on MySQL 5.1
Blog entry: Author provides his view of MySQL 5.1.
Senior Product Manager Discusses MySQL 5.1
Interview with with Alex Roedling, MySQL Senior Product Manager, discusses some of the new features in MySQL 5.1.
Mike Kruckenberg Discusses MySQL 5.1
Blog entry: Mike Kruckenberg discusses a day spent using MySQL 5.1.
MySQL, Still Tomorrow's Contender?
Article: "MySQL, Still Tomorrow's Contender?" by Ian Gilfillan. Walks through the evolution of MySQL from MySQL 4.0 to MySQL 5.1. Discusses new developments including MySQL clustering, MaxDB and MySQL Administrator.
MySQL 5.1: The Next Generation
Article: "MySQL 5.1: The Next Generation," by Ian Gilfillan. Discusses the new types of replication, logging changes, partitioning, grating integration of MySQL clusters, the plugin API, testing load, backup changes, the event scheduler, instance manager and more.
MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual.
MySQL 5.1 reference manual. Topics include general information, installing and upgrading MySQL, using MySQL programs, database administration, replication, optimization, client and utility programs, language structure, character set support, datatypes, functions and operators, statement syntax, storage engines and table types, writing a custom storage engine, MySQL cluster, partitioning, spatial extensions, stored procedures and functions, triggers, event scheduler, views, the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database, precision math, APIs and libraries, connectors, extending MySQL and more.

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