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Firefox Resource Center
Firefox eBooks
Free ebook:, by Mitch Keeler, Bob Fogarty, and Chris Pirillo. Discusses tracking you online time, WeatherBug for Firefox, too many tabs, Gmail skins, buttons, window resizing, tab to window, fission, ForecastFox enhanced, free eBook search, FunkyCache, live PageRank, server spy, tab URL copier, domain finder, customize your digging, blank tabs, clearing cache, image toolbar, customize links, Yahoo social bookmarking, ZoomFox, Wikipedia editing, unhide passwords, linking, copy URLs, clippings, Firefox calculator, spam, X-ray web pages with Firefox, a ping, clipboard, aggregate Yahoo! and Google, TrailBar, FlickR sidebar, clear cache button, tricks, performance, select search, editing the Firefox menu, Google safe browsing, Findbar basics, FoxyTunes, backing up bookmarks, Skype toolbar, FireFox shortcuts, customizing toolbars, extensions, using keywords with Firefox, and much more.
Hacking Firefox
Hacking Firefox: More Than 150 Hacks, Mods, and Customizations, August 2005, by Mel Reyes. Discusses installing the document inspector gadget, editing and programming text tools, using the JavaScript console, profiles, backing up, using about:config to hack, hacking your profile settings, hacking browser and web page content, hacking extensions, hacking themes and icons, changing a window's background color, performance, optimizing page rendering, optimizing disk and memory cache, security, privacy, banner ads, cookies, images, menus, toolbars, status bar, navigation, tab browsing, downloading, plugins, searching, installation, deployment; backing up and managing your profile/settings, hacking tools for web programmers, understanding Mozilla programming, creating extensions, and creating themes.

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Update :: January 22, 2020