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Firefox Resource Center
Firefox Downloads from
Sage for Firefox 1.3.8
Free: Sage for Firefox 1.3.8 from The Sage Team is an extension for Firefox for RSS and Atom feed aggregation.
Web Developer for Firefox 1.0.2
Free: Web Developer for Firefox 1.0.2 from Chris Pederick is a toolbar for developers that contains window resizing, debuggers for forms and images, page validation links and optimization tools.
Active Whois
Free: Active Who is a Firefox plugin from Ivan Mayrakov that helps you find out ownership details about web sites.
FoxyTunes 1.2.5
Free: FoxyTunes 1.2.5 from Alex Sirota is a Firefox extension that allows you to control your media player from the browser. Additional functionality will be added.
Skype Toolbar for Firefox 2.1
Free: Skype Toolbar for Firefox 2.1 from Skype allows users who have Skype accounts to make phone calls directly from their browser, collect phone numbers for sites you visit, and can identify calls being made to you (like caller ID).
BitIdentity Pro for Mozilla Firefox
For sale: BitIdentity Pro for Mozilla Firefox from Inproa Data detects phishing attacks. A free 14-day trial is available.
Wikipedia Toolbar for Firefox 1
Free: Wikipedia Toolbar for Firefox 1 from Skins allows you to search and access Wikipedia content on the Web.
PhishGuard for Firefox 2.0.143
Free: PhishGuard for Firefox 2.0.143 from PhishGuard detects and disables Phishing and Spoofing attacks.
Blue From Anti Spam
Free: Blue From Anti Spam for Firefox from Blue Security filters all emails for spam and fills in forms to get your email address(es) removed.
My Secure ISP
Free: My Secure ISP from My Secure ISP allows Firefox users to secure their wireless devices while browsing the web.
ProxyFox from WidlWestResources
Free: ProxyFox from WidlWestResources allows you to get requested URLs bypassing firewalls and logging software.
Firefox Showcase 0.7
Free: Firefox Showcase 0.7 from Josep del Rio allows you to view all open tabs and windows.
Loki Firefox
Free: Loki Firefox by Skyhook Wireless is a location-based Internet search, content navigation, and location-sharing browser toolbar. This toolbar can help turn your wireless device into a GPS system.
ScrapBook for Firefox 1.0.6
Free: ScrapBook for Firefox 1.0.6 from Gomita is an extension that helps you manage your collections.
Groowe Search Toolbar
Free: Groowe Search Toolbar for Firefox 1.4.7 from Groowe allows you to search all search engines directly from a Firefox toolbar.
Google Toolbar for Firefox 2
Free: Google Toolbar for Firefox 2 from Google. Includes a safe browsing feature that warns you of unsafe web pages.
Portable Firefox
Free: Portable Firefox from John Haller.
Free: FireTune for Firefox from Totalidea Software helps you to optimize your web searches.
Free: Web browser Firefox from Mozilla.
Free: SiteAdvisor from McAfee helps protect your site from web-based security threats.

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Update :: January 20, 2020