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Firefox Resource Center
Firefox Articles
"PC World—The 100 Best Products of 2005"
Article: "PC World—The 100 Best Products of 2005" from the Editors of PC World. The article names Firefox product of the year for 2005.
"Extending Firefox for Web Developers"
Article: "Extending Firefox for Web Developers" by Fini Alring. Discusses the JavaScript console, DOM inspector, Venkman (a JavaScript debugger by Robert Ginda), Web Developer Extension (by Chris Pederick), Greasemonkey, Platypus, ColorZilla (by Alex Sirota), LiveHTTPHeaders (by Daniel Savard), View Rendered Source (by Jennifer Madden), View Cookies (by Edwin Martin), and Add and Edit Cookies.
"Developing Firefox Extensions with GNU/Linux"
Article: "Developing Firefox Extensions with GNU/Linux" by Ryan Paul, Ian Smith-Heisters, and Kris Kowal. Discusses what extensions are and how they are used, stantz.xpi, chrome/stantz.jar, and the project directory stantz/.
"13 Reasons to Use Firefox Over IE"
Article: "13 Reasons to Use Firefox Over IE" from Flexbeta. Discusses popup blocking, download manager, tab browsing, integrated search engine, options, page info, faster response, keeps HTML formatting, security, open source advantage, cleaner interface, smaller download, and block images.
"Get Tooled Up"
Article: "Get Tooled Up: Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with Firefox," by Patrick H. Lauke. Discusses providing a text equivalent for every non-text element, creating documents that validate to published formal grammars, using stylesheet to control layout and presentation, using header elements to convey document structure, using mark up lists properly, the use of quotation marks, showing element names when outlining elements, explaining each abbreviation when first used, limiting the use of tables, make documents readable without stylesheets, ensure that pages are usable, event handlers, tabs should be in a logical order, provide keyboard shortcuts, and associate labels with their controls.
"Firefox leaves No Reason to Endure..."
Article: "Firefox leaves No Reason to Endure Internet Explorer" by Rob Pegoraro. Discusses the advantages of using Firefox instead of IE.
"What is Firefox?"
Article: "What is Firefox?" by Brian King. Discusses the evolving web, Firefox and web standards, extensibility, customization, and features of Firefox release 1.5.
"Are the Browser Wars Back?"
Article: "Are the Browser Wars Back?" by Paul Boutin. Discusses security comparing Firefox to Internet Explorer.
"Firefox: Doing It for Love",39020463,39209577,00.htm
Article: "Firefox: Doing It for Love" by Ingrid Marson. An interview with Asa Dotzler community coordinator for the Mozilla Foundation.
"Firefox: The Alternative History",39020463,39208866,00.htm
Article: "Firefox: The Alternative History" by Ingrid Marson. Discusses the history of browsers from 1998 through 2005.
"XML in Firefox 1.5, Part 3"
Article: "XML in Firefox 1.5, Part 3: JavaScript Meets XML in Firefox," by Uche Oqbuji. Discusses loading an XML file, using script with an XML main document, and invoking XSLT.
"XML in Firefox 1.5, Part 2"
Article: "XML in Firefox 1.5, Part 2: Basic XML Processing," by Uche Oqbuji. Discusses parsing 101, parsing errors, types of XML, unfortunate limitations, elements of style, and Firefox specific XSLT.
"XML in Firefox 1.5, Part 1"
Article: "XML in Firefox 1.5, Part 1: Overview of XML Features" by Uche Oqbuji. Discusses XML, XHTML, cascading stylesheet (CSS), scalable vector graphics (SVG), MathML, canvas, working the document model, ECMAScript for XML (E4X), XSLT, XForms, eXensible Tag Framework (XTF), web services, and Firefox: The complete XML-based browser workbench.
Article: "Talkback" from MozillaZine. Talkback is a feedback agent that is activated when Firefox crashes. This article discusses installation, getting a talkback ID, finding out where talkback is installed (for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows), open talkback user interface, IDs in the talkback window, turning talkback on and off, what data is sent, and uses of the data.
"Register Protocol"
Article: "Register Protocol" from MozillaZine. Discusses registering an unsupported protocol (in Linux, Windows and OS X), and redirecting a registered protocol.
"Reducing Memory Usage—Firefox"
Article: "Reducing Memory Usage—Firefox" from MozillaZine. Discusses extensions and themes, plugins, download history, settings that reduce memory usage, restarting Firefox, memory leaks, virtual memory and external links.
"PostScript Module"
Article: "PostScript Module" from MozillaZine. Discusses printer selection, printing to a CUPS printer, printing to other printers, and printing to OpenVMS.
"Linux XFT and MathML"
Article: "Linux XFT and MathML" from MozillaZine. Discusses XFT enabled builds, fonts needed, installing fonts, installing the Symbol font, using a TrueType Symbol font, getting freetype working with non-XFT builds, and testing MathML fonts.
"Command Line Arguments"
Article: "Command Line Arguments" from MozillaZine. Discusses how to use command line arguments, and a list of command line arguments.
"Accessibility Features of Firefox"
Article: "Accessibility Features of Firefox" from MozillaZine. Discusses keyboard shortcuts, selecting text with the keyboard, overriding page fonts, setting minimum font size, resizing page text, overriding page colors, using a high contrast theme, turning off Java applets, restricting JavaScript behavior, compatibility, finding help online, controlling focused elements, controlling access keys, fine tuning mouse behavior, customizing scrollbars, and fine tuning Web content.

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