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Regular Expressions Resource CenterMinimize

Welcome to the Regular Expressions Resource Center—the first in our Computer Science Series. Regular expressions are particularly useful for pattern matching—for example, regular expressions could describe the format of a phone number or an ISBN for a book. Regular expressions capabilities are available in many popular programming languages like Java and C# (through their respective class libraries), C++ (through the Boost Libraries) and more. Start your search here for the latest regular expressions articles, tools, tutorials, webcasts, blogs and more. In the Regular Expressions Resource Center, you'll find links to:

  • The sample chapter, “Introduction to Regular Expressions,” from Beginning Regular Expressions, by Andrew Watt.
  • The sample chapter: “Regular Expression Tutorial,” from Regular Expressions: The Complete Tutorial, by Jan Goyvaerts.
  • Tutorial: "Regular Expression HOWTO," by A. M. Kuchling.
  • "Regular Expressions: A Simple User Guide," from
  •—the Internet's first regular expressions library which has over 1800 expressions from more than a thousand contributors. The blog, "The Joy of Regular Expressions" by Harry Fuecks.
  • The free Expresso Regular Expression Development Tool from Ultrapio.
  • Eric Lippert's 12-part blog "Regular Expressions From Scratch."
  • The tutorial, "Beginning Regular Expressions in C#, Java and Perl," by Larry Mark.
  • "Using Regular Expressions with the Microsoft .NET Framework," from
  • The "Regular Expressions Series" webcasts from the .NET Developers Community on Second Life.
  • The tutorial, "Regular Expressions in JavaScript," by Kevin Yank.
  • The tutorial, "Using Perl Compatible Regular Expressions with PHP," by Patrick Delin.
  • The sample chapter, “The Mechanics of Expression Processing,” from Mastering Regular Expressions, by Jeffrey Friedl.
  • The ActionScript Regular Expressions Testing Tool which tests regular expression patterns for ActionScript.
  • The tutorial, "Regular Expressions (The Java™) Tutorials," from Sun Microsytems.
  • The tutorial, "Introduction to Regular Expressions (Scripting)," from the Microsoft Developer's Network.
  • "Programmer's Guide to Regular Expressions," by David Anderson.
  • The article, "Writing Better SQL Using Regular Expressions," by Alice Rischert.
  • Regular Expressions books, forums, blogs, training courses, tutorials and sample chapters.
  • ...And more

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Update :: January 22, 2020