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Refactoring Resource Center
CodeRush and Refactor! Training
Videos: "CodeRush & Refactor! Pro Training," from Devexpress is a series of 26 (approximately 4 hours and 10 minutes) Flash videos for new developers and advanced developers for learning more about the features of CodeRush and Refactor!Pro. The videos walk through the products and show how to use some of the more advanced, as well as some of the lesser-known features. Topics include CodeRush and Refactor! 3.0, error highlighting, code providers, C# language features, what's new in CodeRush and Refactor! 2.1, extending dynamic templates, CodeRush 2.0, an introduction to CodeRush 2.0, the template mnemonic language, cool templates, creating a custom template, advanced templates, merging templates, embedding, navigation, refactoring in ASP.NET, new refactorings built for ASP.NET, refactoring in C++, introduction to Refactor!, introduction to local, extract method, inline temp and inline result; conditionals, new refactorings in Refactor! Pro 2.0, custom metric, creating a new custom code metric, and painting assignment expressions.
Refactoring Videos
Videos: Refactoring videos listed on Technorati. Topics include some code editor and refactoring features in CodeGear Delphi, refactoring—a simple message, refactoring to patterns—replace conditional with strategy, an introduction to refactoring objects, seven ways to better PHP code, Python 3000, studio for Eclipse overview, an introduction to refactoring, refactoring for dummies, automated testing patterns and smells, and a two-part refactoring presentation.
Refactoring Videos
Videos: Refactoring Videos on Best Tech Videos. Topics include “Refactoring Long Methods,” (exercise in refactoring by taking a long method and making it more concise), “Refactoring User Name: Part 1,” (discusses how to clean up code through refactoring, and how to move code to remove duplication and simplify the view), and “Refactoring User Name: Part 2,” (discusses how testing and refactoring go hand in hand).

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