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Refactoring C# Code Using Visual Studio 2005
Tutorial: "Refactoring C# Code Using Visual Studio 2005," by Andrew W. Troelsen. Discusses defining the refactoring process, refactoring support under Visual Studio 2005, the extract method, the encapsulation files, the extract interface, reorder parameters, remove parameters, rename, the promote local variable to parameter, and generating the method stub.
Refactoring in a BPEL Module Project w/ NetBeans
Tutorial: "Refactoring in a BPEL Module Project Using NetBeans," from Topics include creating the SynchronousSample project, renaming XML schema components, exploring the XML refactoring window, renaming WDSL components, safely deleting components, deleting components with references, deleting components without references, and undoing and redoing refactoring actions.
Increased Productivity with Refactoring, Unit Test,1410,33278,00.html
Tutorial: "Increased Productivity with Refactoring, Unit Testing, Help Insight, Error Insight, and Sync Edit in Borland Delphi 2005," by Bob Swart. The tutorial demonstrates increased productivity gained with refactoring, unit testing, help insight, error insight and sync edit. Topics include building the example application, help insight, error insight, refactoring: declare variable, sync edit, more refactoring, refactoring: extract method, refactoring: rename, unit testing, and the unit testing project

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