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Refactoring Resource Center
Training Courses
Refactoring Workshop
Training: Refactoring Workshop from Principle7 Ltd. This fee-based one to two day course covers how to refactor code, how to identify bad smells in software and the actions required to improve the design, the importance of solid tests and the impact of refactoring. Topics include what refactoring is, the identification of bad smells, identification of seams, refactoring existing code, the importance of the test framework, refactoring for reuse and saleability, the concept of software health and understanding when to stop refactoring.
Applying Test-Driven Development and Refactoring
Training: “Applying Test-Driven Development and Refactoring,” from Marakana. This a 2-day fee-based course that shows how test-driven development (TDD) and refactoring, apply the most popular open-source frameworks for TDD and use them within a popular IDE. Topics include test-driven development, writing the tests first, testing in an iterative and agile method, categories of tests: unit, and acceptance, TDD tools and frameworks, testing into different architectural layers, the XUnit frameworks, JUnit and NUnit, TDD unit testing, practice with XUnit, TDD Acceptance Testing, practice with HTTPUnit, other acceptance testing frameworks, refactoring, code smells, refactorings (including extract method, introduce explaining variable, and more), mock objects, setting up the text environment, mock object libraries, wiki webs, fit, fitnesse, GUI acceptance testing, and tools for GUI testing.
Refactoring to Patterns Interactive
Self-paced training: "Refactoring to Patterns Interactive," from Industrial Logic is a fee-based training course for programmers and designers. Part One topics include factory method, abstract factory and factory, decorator, composite, proxy, adapter, strategy, iterator, template method, observer, Part 2 topics include creation model, composed method, collecting parameter, interpreter, state, type save enum and visitor. A free demo is available.
Test-Driven Development & Refactoring
Training: "Test-Driven Development & Refactoring—Java, C++ or Ruby," from Langr Software Solutions. This fee-based 3-day course covers an overview of TDD and refactoring, using unit tests, what refactoring is, refactoring drivers, basic refactorings, catalog refactoring patterns, TDD techniques, the xUnit, test smells, test patterns, macro refactorings, mock objects, challenges with mocking, and mock variants. Optional topics include writing tests for legacy code, integration testing vs. unit and acceptance testing, performance and load testing, testing websites, UIs, asynchronous tests, synchronization, databases and acceptance tests from stories.

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