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Refactoring Resource Center
Refactor! for Visual Basic 2008
Free tool: “Refactor! for Visual Basic 2008.” This free plug-in from Developer Express Inc. (in partnership with Microsoft), enables Visual Basic developers to simplify and re-structure source code inside of Visual Studio 2008. The tool supports more than 30 individual refactoring features including reorder parameters, the extract method, name anonymous type, the extract property, create overload, surrounds with, encapsulate field, reverse conditional, simplify expression, introduce local, introduce constant, inline temp, replace temp with query, split temporary variable, move initialization to declaration, split initialization from declaration and move declaration near reference. Visual Basic 2008 features include create With statement, extract interface, inline With statement, introduce parameter, method to property, property to method(s), remove unused parameter, widen scope, extract XML literals to resource, make explicit, make explicit (and name anonymous type), make implicit, move type to file and name anonymous type.
Refactoring Tools
Refactoring tools list from The list broken down by language and provides links to the available tools. Languages include Smalltalk (Smalltalk Refactoring Browser), Java (InteliJ Idea, Eclipse, JFactor, XRefactory, JBuilder, RefactorIt, JRefactory, Transmogrify, JafaRefactor and CodeGuide), .NET (ReSharper, C# Refactory, Refactor!, Visual Assist X and JustCode!), C/C++ (SlickEdit, Ref++ and Xrefactory), Visual Basic (Refactor! for Visual Basic, Refactor! Pro, and Aicosto Project Analyzer), Python (Bicycle Repair Man), Ruby (Ruby Refactoting), Haskell (HaRe), Self (Guru), Delphi (Model Maker), and General (X-develop).
Refactoring @ SharpToolbox
Tools: Refactoring tools listed on Sharp Toolbox include ReSharper from JetBrains (Visual Studio 2003/2005 and .NET add-in that features error highlighting, code refactoring and unit testing), Refactor! Pro for Visual Studio .NET from developer Express (Visual Studio .NET add-in that features source code parsing, context specific refactoring and building of custom refactorings), C# Refactoring Tool from .NET Refactoring (features include encapsulate field, extract method, inline temp, move member, and more; devAdvantage from Anticipating Minds (refracting tool with a C# code analyzer), C# Refactory from Xtreme Simplicity (Visual C# add-in for refactoring C# code), .NET Refactor from HHI Software (refactoring tool for C# and VB.NET), CodeIt.Once from SubMain (refactoring add-in for C# and VB.NET in Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005), CodeIt.Right from SubMain (code analysis and refactoring tool), and CodeRush with Refactor! Pro for Visual Studio from Developer Express (add-in for Visual Studio (add-in for helping to create more code with fewer keystrokes).
Resource Refactoring Tool Homepage
Resource Refactoring Tool Homepage. The Resource Refactoring Tool is free to download. Features include support of all project types that ship with Visual Studio 2005, works with C# and VB.NET languages, automatically finds other instances of text being replaced, lists existing resources by level, and automatically replaces hard coded strings with a reference to resource entry. Resources on the site include a listing of the tools features, a "Quick Start" guide, information on how to contribute to the tool, how to join the community, releases, discussions, an issue tracker, the source code, stats and license information.
Refactoring Browser
Tool: Refactoring Browser from The Refactory, Inc. The browser is a complete re-implementation of the standard system browsers for VisualWorks, VisualWorks/ENVY, and IBM Smalltalk. It includes features present in the standard browsers, and provides several refactorings that allow programmers to rapidly change their code without affecting its behavior, and provides several productivity enhancements to make the browser a better programming tool. Resources include downloading information and documentation.
Refactor! Tool
Free tool: Refactor! from DXperience is available to ASP.NET 2.0 developers (supports Visual Studio 2005 and 2008). The suite of tools helps to simplify and shape complex code and HTML markup—making web applications easier to read and less costly to maintain. Additional free tools are available for Visual Basic and C++.

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