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Refactoring Resource Center
Sample Chapters
Evolutionary Database Development
Sample chapter: “Evolutionary Database Development,” from Refactoring Databases: Evolutionary Database Design, by Scott W. Ambler and Pramodkumar J. Sadalage (March 2006). Discusses database refactoring, evolutionary data modeling, database regression testing, the configuration management of database artifacts, developer sandboxes, and implements to evolutionary database development techniques.
Refactoring: What’s all the Fuss About?
Sample chapter: “Refactoring: What’s all the Fuss About?” from Refactoring in Visual Basic, by Danijel Arsenovski (April 2008). Overviews refactoring and discusses the refactoring process, the software situation, refactoring encourages solid design, refactoring accommodates change, refactoring prevents design rot, the refactoring process: a closer look; using code smells, transforming code, and automating refactoring transformations.
Introduction to Refactoring to Patterns
Sample chapter: "Introduction to Refactoring to Patterns," from Refactoring to Patterns, by Joshua Kerievsky (January 2005). Discusses what refactoring is, the process of refactoring, what motivates us to refactor (such as making it easier to add code, improve design of existing code, gain better understanding of code, and making code less annoying), human-readable code, keeping code clean, design debt, evolving a new architecture, refactorings, test-driven refactoring, the benefits of composite, and refactoring tools.

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