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Refactoring: Part 2
Podcast: “Refactoring: Part 2,” discusses advanced refactorings in large projects and refactoring in larger teams, refactoring of published APIs, how merciless refactoring could be aligned with backward compatibility of published APIs, and refactorings that affect more than just code (like database schemas).
Refactoring: Part 1
Podcast: “Refactoring: Part 1,” a talk with Martin Lippert. Discusses changeable software engineering techniques including refactoring (changing code without changing its behavior), the history of refactoring, the basic ideas behind refactoring, some base principles of why refactoring is a key part of software engineering, a definition of code smells and how to actually do refactorings in your everyday work, and the ROI of refactoring or refactoring in dynamic languages.

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Update :: December 07, 2019