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Refactoring Resource Center
Refactoring Definition
Definition of refactoring from Adaption Software. Discusses XP practices: refactoring, code hygiene, specific "refactorings," the flow of refactoring, and refactoring automation in IDEs.
Code Refactoring Definition
Code refactoring definition from Wikipedia. Discusses source code, antecedents, list of refactoring techniques, Forth, automated code refactoring, and etymology.
Refactoring: What’s all the Fuss About?
Sample chapter: “Refactoring: What’s all the Fuss About?” from Refactoring in Visual Basic, by Danijel Arsenovski (April 2008). Overviews refactoring and discusses the refactoring process, the software situation, refactoring encourages solid design, refactoring accommodates change, refactoring prevents design rot, the refactoring process: a closer look; using code smells, transforming code, and automating refactoring transformations.
Refactoring Definition
Refactoring definition from Wikipedia. Discusses refactoring rule, the refactoring articles pages, the template question, the edit instead (proposal), refactoring rude comments, refactoring signatures, prune, status, assumption of good faith and inserting headings, subheadings or page titles.
Article: “Refactoring,” from Discusses who need refactoring, what refactoring is, examples of refactorings (including rename, move class, extract method, extract superclass, and replace conditional with polymorphism), when to consider using refactoring, the benefits of refactoring, refactoring concerns, and why use an automated tool.
What is Prefactoring
Article: “What is Prefactoring?” by Ken Pugh. Discusses what prefactoring is (application of past experience, particularly lessons learned from refactoring), extreme abstraction, extreme separation, extreme readability, testing and retrospectives.
A Refactoring Example
Article: “A Refactoring Example,” by Michael Schwern. Discusses what refactoring does, indentation, working in small steps, big refactorings from small, using bind variables, splitting a poorly reused variable, pulling code out of the loop, a place to stop, reformatting SQL for better readability, removing redundancy, fixing conflicting styles, naming, changing global variable names, improving overly generic names, fixing odd interfaces, using chop and chomp, collecting related variables into hashes, when not to refactor, eliminating unnecessary longhand, rearranging data structures to fit their use, eliminating unnecessary variables, pulling logical chunks out into functions, and using undo.
Introduction to Refactoring
Article: "Introduction to Refactoring," by Jim Cooper. Discusses what refactoring is, why refactor?, aims of refactoring, opportunities for refactoring, refactoring techniques, learning to apply refactorings, the extract method, the extract class, the inline class, the move method, the inline temp, the split temporary variable, the rename method, the replace magic number with symbolic constant, the replace error code with exception, the encapsulate field, the remove control flag, the form template method, the introduce local extension, the replace type code with state/strategy, the replace conditional with polymorphism, the replace method with method object, the hide delegate, the duplicate observed data, the introduce null object, the encapsulate downcast, the moving methods and fields up and down a hierarchy, converting refactorings to Delphi, bad smells (when to refactor), problems, and refactoring tools.
Code Smell Definition
Code Smell definition from Wikipedia. Discusses what code smells are and common code smells including the large method, the large class, feature envy, inappropriate intimacy, refused bequest, the lazy class, duplicated method and contrived complexity.
Bad Code Smells—A Taxonomy
Article: "Bad Code Smells—A Taxonomy," by Mika Mantyla. Provides an understanding of code smells and recognizes the relationships between smells. A chart presents the groups of smells, the smells assigned to each group and a discussion about each group.
Article: “Transformation,” by Steve Yegge. Discusses what refactoring is, discovering refactoring, refactoring today, code smells, how code gets smelly, and pushbutton productivity.

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