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Refactoring Resource Center
Advanced ActionScript Refactoring—Step 1
Blog: “Advanced ActionScript Refactoring—Step 1,” from Discusses the FleixibleContainer superclass, the original API, the new API including the FlexibleContainer class and the DragTile class.
Advanced ActionScript Refactoring—Step 2
Blog: “Advanced ActionScript Refactoring—Step 2,” from Discusses moving DragTile functionality into a separate helper class (leaving DragTile an empty shell), and members that the DragTile subclass defines.
Coding Horror: Code Smells
Blog: "Coding Horror: Code Smells,' by Jeff Atwood. Discusses code smells (code warning signs), code smells within classes (including comments, long method, long parameter list, duplicate code, conditional complexity, combinitorial explosion, large class, type embedded in name, uncommunicative name, inconsistent names, dead code, speculative generalty, oddball solution, and temporary field), and code smells between classes (including alternative classes with different interfaces, primitive obsession, data class, data clumps, refused bequest, inappropriate intimacy, indecent exposure, feature envy, lazy class, message chains, middle man, divergent change, shotgun surgery, parallel inheritance hierarchies, incomplete library class and solution sprawl).

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