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Python Resource Center
White Papers & EBooks
Python Papers
Free e-Journal: "The Python Papers," is a free journal that includes academic and industry papers. Topics include "Pyfundamentalism: the emotions provoked by Python," What is ShowMeDo?" "PyGTK, PyQT, Tkinter and wxPython comparison," "An efficient scalar package in Python," and "Python events." This site provides links to past editions.
The Python Standard Library
Free e-Book: The Python Standard Library, by Fredrik Lundh. Discusses core modules, standard modules, threads, processes, data representation, file formats, mail and news message processing, network protocols, internationalization, multimedia modules, data storage, platform-specific modules and implementation support modules.
A Byte of Python
Free e-Book: A Byte of Python, by C. H. Swaroop (2003-2005). Discusses installing Python, the basics of Python, operators and expressions, control flow, functions, modules, data structures, problem solving, writing a Python script, object-oriented programming (OOP), input/output, exceptions and the Python Standard Library.
Think Python: An Intro to Software Design
Free e-Book: Think Python: An Introduction to Software Design, by Allen B. Downey (August 2008). Discusses the Python programming language, what a program is, what debugging is, formal and natural languages, variables, expressions, statements, functions, interface design (case study), conditionals, recursion, functions, iteration, lists, dictionaries, tuples, data structure selection (case study), files, classes, objects, classes and functions, classes and methods, inheritance, Tkinter (case study) and debugging.
Software Carpentry in Python
Free e-Book: Intermediate and Advanced Software Carpentry in Python, by C. Titus Brown (June 2007). Discusses idiomatic Python, structuring, testing and maintaining Python programs, testing your software, the unit testing framework, measuring and increasing performance, speeding up Python, tools, wrapping C/C++ for Python, packages and multiprocessing and new style classes.
Dive Into Python
Free e-Book: Dive Into Python, by Mark Pilgrim (May 2004). Discusses installing Python, a first Python program, native datatypes, the power of introspection, objects and object-orientation, exceptions and file handling, regular expressions, HTML processing, XML processing, scripts and streams, HTTP web services, SOAP and web services, unit testing, test-first programming, refactoring (see our Resource Center), functional programming, dynamic functions and performance tuning.

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