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Python Resource Center
Audio/Video Resources for Python
Audio/Video Resources for Python from The site provides links to an assortment of Python videos and podcasts including a series of 5-minute videos that introduce the capabilities of Python, screencasts on the ShowMeDo site, instructional materials and screencasts on the Best Tech Videos On The Net site, the Python411 site with an assortment of Python podcasts, the PyCon Podcast (conference recordings), the This Week in Django (podcasts about Django), and lecture repositories on Python and the PyCon08 videos on YouTube.
Python Videos
Python Videos on the ShowMeDo website. There are 340 Python videos available. Topics include Python 101, Python development on XP, Python GUI programming with wxPython, Python for beginners, learning Django, programming tools, web development and graphics.
Advanced Python or Understanding Python
Video: "Advanced Python (or Understanding Python)," presented by Thomas Wouters on Google Video. This 1-hour and fifteen minute lecture discusses the history of the language, the fundamentals of the language, the language mechanics that flow from them and how to effectively put those to use, duck-typing, interfaces, descriptors, decorators, metaclasses, reference-counting and the cyclic-garbage collector, the divide between C/C++ data and Python objects and the CPython implementation in general.
PyCon 2008 Videos
PyCon 2008 Videos available on YouTube. PyCon is conference for the Python community that features talks and events for the Python programming language and for developers (including CPython, Jython, IronPython). The thirteen videos (4 hours) include "Your Pythonic Math Class of the Future," "Using Grok to Walk Like a Duck," " A New Compiler for Jython," Using .NET Libraries in CPython," "To RE or Nor to RE—Parsing Text," "MPI Cluster programming with Python and Amazon EC2," "Grassy Knoll," "Lightning Talk: SPAA," "Lightning Talk: Ubiguitous Offline Shopping," "Lightning Talk: Noonhat and Saturday House," "Lightning Talk: How to Write UNIX Daemons," "Lightning Talk: Why AlgebraFirst," and Case Study of Python Application Development Humanized Enso."
Training Videos
Videos: The ShowMeDo site has 98 free Python training videos available. Topics include easy GUI and CSV, Python development on XP, Python GUI programming with wxPython, building a wxPython image viewer, COM and Python with pyWin32, common variables and containers, Python objects using IPython, an introduction to the Google Apps engine Python SDK, database programming with Python, loops and iteration, web programming, PyTables, building web applications, GUI programming, pyGame basics, and more.

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