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Python Training Course
Training: Python Training Course from Marakana. This is a 4-day fee-based course that covers the Python programming language, object-oriented programming, functional programming techniques, error handling, packaging, system and network programming, extensions and best practices. Topics include an overview of Python, keywords, identifiers, invoking functions, running scripts, datatypes, operators and flow control, functions, OOP, exceptions, modules, I/O, the standard library, the HTTP web client, XML and HTML processing, SOAP web services, unit testing, refactoring and performance tuning.
Training Videos
Videos: The ShowMeDo site has 98 free Python training videos available. Topics include easy GUI and CSV, Python development on XP, Python GUI programming with wxPython, building a wxPython image viewer, COM and Python with pyWin32, common variables and containers, Python objects using IPython, an introduction to the Google Apps engine Python SDK, database programming with Python, loops and iteration, web programming, PyTables, building web applications, GUI programming, pyGame basics, and more.

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Update :: January 20, 2020