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Python Resource Center
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Python Package Index : Home
The "Python Package Index," from is a listing of over forty-four hundred Python packages. For each package there is a brief description and the date of its most recent update.
Free tool: "PyInstaller" is a program that converts Python programs into stand-alone executables, it works with any version of Python since 1.5, it builds smaller executables via transparent compression, it is multi-platform and uses the OS support to load the dynamic libraries (ensuring full compatibility). The site lists the tools features, license information, requirement, documentation, bug reports, a FAQ and more.
Open Source Software in Python
Software: "Open Source Software in Python," provided at Python Source. The software categories include Ajax frameworks, aspect-oriented frameworks in Python, bloggers in Python, build systems in Python, current management systems (CMS) in Python, charting and reporting tools in Python, analyzers in Python, database connection pools, database engines in Python, REP and CRM software, enterprise service bus in Python, forum software in Python, HTML parsers in Python, IDEs in Python, install generators in Python, issue tracking software in Python, logging tools in Python, network clients in Python, network servers in Python, PDF Libraries in Python, parser generators in Python, persistence frameworks in Python, project management tools in Python, RSS and RDF tools in Python, search engines in Python, security tools in Python, control tools in Python, template engines in Python, testing tools in Python, web frameworks in Python, web mail clients in Python, web servers in Python, web services tools in Python, web testing tools in Python, wiki engines in Python, workflow engines in Python and XML parsers in Python.
uxPython: Cross Platform GUI Toolkit & Developer
Free software uxPython: Cross platform GUI toolkit and developer for creating user interfaces. Features include standard widgets including textboxes, labels, gradient headers and grids.
Python Modules
Software: Python Modules available on Categories include directories, cryptography, databases and persistence, distributed programming, graphics, GUIs, math and calculations, networks, scientific, text processing, the World Wide Web (WWW), XML. data formats, email, platform specific, terminal I/O and libraries.

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