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Python Resource Center
Projects, Freeware and Shareware
Numerical Python
Project: "Numerical Python," by David Ascher, Paul F. Dubois, Konrad Hinsen, Jim Hugunin and Travis Oliphant. Discusses installing NumPy5, the NumTut package, array objects, universal functions, convenience functions, array basics, the Ufuncs, pseudo indices, array functions, array methods, subclassing, code organization, the multiarray object, typecodes, ellipses, writing a C extension to NumPy, C API reference, FFT reference, linear algebra reference, random array reference, independent random streams, properties reference and masked arrays.
Free Python Projects
Projects: A list of 139 free Python projects available from Django. Topics include a content management system, a student-driven course information and evaluation system, a wiki and forum application for Django, tools for interfacing Django/Python and CMDBuild, application for customizing ads (i.e., Google AdSense), an application for Ajax validation with newforms, a blog application, a profile application, a template loader for loading templates from a database, an application for integrating Google Analyitics, and many more.
Python: Create – Modify - Reuse
Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional, by Magnus Lie Hetland (July 2008). Discusses installing Python, the interactive interpreter, numbers and expressions, variables, statements, functions, modules, saving and executing a program, strings, lists and tuples, working with strings, dictionaries, conditionals, loops and other statements, abstraction, exceptions, magic methods, properties, iterators, modules, exploring modules, the standard library, files, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), database support, network programming, Python and the web, testing, extending Python, packaging programs, playful programs, Project 1: instant markup, Project 2: painting a pretty picture, Project 3: XML for all occasions, Project 4: in the news, Project 5: a virtual tea party, Project 6: remote editing with CGI, Project 7: your own bulletin board, Project 8: file sharing with XML-RPC (remote procedure calls), Project 9: file sharing with GUI, and Project 10: do-it-yourself arcade game.
Python: Create – Modify - Reuse, by James O. Knowlton (July 2008). Discusses obtaining Python and installation, the Python interpreter, editing, execution environment, lexical structure, keywords, lines and indentation, data types, identifiers, operators, expressions, statements, operator precedence in expressions, statements, multi-line statements, iteration, decision making, for loops, while loops, break, continue, the if statement, functions, defining a function, calling a function, modules, importing modules, reload, how Python finds modules to load, the module search path, exploring the sys.path and classes, projects including (a directory/filesnapshot program, a DVD inventory system, a web performance tester, a customer follow-up system, a test management/reporting system, a version management system and a content management system), interacting with the operating system (including generic operating system services, accessing Windows services and accessing UNIX/Linux systems), and debugging and testing (including the Python debugger and Python test frameworks).

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