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Python Resource Center
Python Programming on Linux
Article: "Python Programming on Linux," by Matt Frye. Discusses the basics of Python, the if statement, the for statement, the while statement, the Python/C API, the Python header, the name and initialize routine, the PyGTK, and example of a PyGTK calendar and a calendar using PyGTK.
Python Tips, Tricks, and Hacks
"Python Tips, Tricks, and Hacks," on Siafoo. Discusses quick tricks (four kinds of quotes, truthfulness of objects, substrings in strings, integer vs. float division and Lambda functions), lists (list comprehensions, mapping, filtering, generator expressions, reducing, checking a conditions, combining multiple lists and advanced logic with sets), dictionaries (construction with keyword arguments, Dicts to lists and lists to Dicts and comprehensions), selecting values (the and/or trick and using true and false as indexes), functions (default argument values, arbitrary numbers of arguments, passing a list or dictionary as arguments, decorators and switch statements) and classes (passing, checking for property and method existence, modifying and creating a method class).

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Update :: January 22, 2020