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A Python Q & A Session
Sample chapter: “A Python Q & A Session,” from Learning Python, 3rd ed., by Mark Lutz (October 2007). Discusses why people use Python, software quality, developer productivity, is Python a scripting language?, the downside of Python, who is using Python today, what can be done with Python, systems programming and GUIs (graphical user interfaces).
Introduction to Python
Sample chapter: “Introduction to Python,” from Python in a Nutshell, by Alex Martelli (July 2006). Discusses the Python language, the Python Standard Library and extension modules, Python implementations, CPython, Jython, IronPython, choosing between CPython, Jython and IronPython, PyPy and other experimental versions, licensing and price issues and Python development and versions.
Introducing Python
Sample chapter: “Introducing Python,” from Programming Python, by Mark Lutz (April 2006). Discusses Python philosophy 101, program portability, component integration and the life of Pytho.
Introduction: Scripting
Sample chapter: “Introduction: Scripting,” from Python Scripting for Computational Science, by Hans Petter Langtangen (February 2008). Discusses scripting vs. traditional programming, why scripting is useful in computational science, classification of programming languages, productive pairs of programming languages and gluing existing applications,
A Python Primer
Sample chapter: “A Python Primer,” from Python: Create—Modify—Reuse, by James O. Knowlton (July 2008). Discusses getting started, obtaining Python and installing it, the Python interpreter, the editing/execution environment, lexical structure, keywords, lines and indentation, data types and identifiers and operators.
Introducing Python
Sample chapter: “Introducing Python,” from Python for Dummies, by Stef Maruch and Aahz Maruch (September 2006). Discusses good uses of Python, the story of Python, fast development, programming styles, versatility, companies that use Python, the Python developer community and cooking up programs.
Introducing Python
Sample chapter: “Introducing Python,” from Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame: From Novice to Professional, by Will McGugan (October 2007). Discusses a first look at Python, numbers, strings and concatenating strings.
Python Programming Language
Definition: Python Programming Language from Wikipedia. Discusses the history of Python, development, Python 3000, philosophy, timeline and compatibility, features, usage, syntax and semantics, types, implementations, the standard library, influences on other languages and references.
Introduction to Programming Using Python
Tutorial: “Introduction to Programming Using Python,” by Katja Schuerer, Corinne Maufrais, Catherine Letondal, Eric Deveaud and Marie-Agnes Petit. Discusses the Python interpreter, variables, strings, functions, lists, programming languages, namespaces, reassignment variables, statements, expressions, chaining statements, conditionals, iterations, operations, output, formatting strings, input, files, program execution, branching and decisions, defining functions, collections, nested data structures, repetitions, exceptions, recursive functions, scripting, object-oriented programming (OOP), abstract data types, inheritance, flexibility and object-oriented design patterns.
A Python Primer
Sample chapter: “A Python Primer,” from Python: Create—Modify—Reuse, by James O. Knowlton (July 2008). Discusses obtaining Python and installation, the Python interpreter, editing, execution environment, lexical structure, keywords, lines and indentation, data types, identifiers, operators, expressions, statements, operator precedence in expressions, statements, multi-line statements, iteration, decision making, for loops, while loops, break, continue, the if statement, functions, defining a function, calling a function, modules, importing modules, reload, how Python finds modules to load, the module search path, exploring the sys.path and classes.

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