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The Django Book
Free e-Book: The Django Book, by Adrian Holovaty and Jacob Kaplan-Moss (2006). Introduces Django and discusses getting started, the basics of dynamic web pages, the Django template system, interacting with a database (modules), the Django administration site, form processing, advanced views and URLconfs, generic views, extending the template engine, generating non-HTML content, sessions, users, registration, caching, other contributed subframeworks, middleware, integrating with legacy databases and applications, extending Django's Admin interface, internationalization, security and deploying Django. Appendices cover case studies, the model definition reference, the data base API reference, generic views reference, settings, built-in template tags and filters, the django-admin utility and request and response objects.
Django Documentation
Django Documentation. Includes an overview of Django, and discusses installation guide, tutorials, FAQs, models, templates, forms, testing Django applications, sessions, caching, internationalization, middleware, settings files, URL configuration, request and response objects, generic views, authentication, shortcut functions, Unicode data in Django, pagination, serialization, deployment, solving specific problems and release notes.

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