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Developer Tools
Python Developer Testing Tools
Open source Python developer testing tools available on Available tools include PBP (Python Browser Poseur) a web test tool that exposes the browser functionality, py.test a command line tool for running tests, PyUnit a unit testing framework for Python based on JUnit and XUnit, pyUnitPerf a collection of pyUnit test decorators for measuring the performance and scalability contained within existing pyUnit tests and TestOOB (Out Of the Box) is a testing framework that extends the standard Python 'unittest' module and provides XML and HTML reports, debugging failed tests, verbose asserts, color output, and more.
Django Web Framework
Django Web Framework site. Django is an open source framework for building high-performance web applications. Information on the site includes links for downloading the framework, documentation (including an installation guide, tutorial, models and templates), site that use Django, features including (the object-relational mapper, the automatic admin interface, elegant URL design, the template system, the cache system and internationalization), the weblog and community.
Python Web Developer Appliance
Python Web Developer Appliance is a complete set of open source tools for developing and deploying web applications using Python. Resources include the Python web developer appliance project info and user guide, an overview of the Python Web Developer Appliance, downloads, community and support.

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Update :: January 22, 2020