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Python Resource Center
Python Source Code
Code examples: Python Source Code from Chilkat. Topics include Python digital certificate examples, Python Unicode, Python byte array, Python certs, Python email, Python encryption, Python FTP, HTML to XML, Python HTTP, Python IMAP, Python MHT, Python MIME, Python RSA, Python S/MINE, Python signatures, Python socket, Python spider, Python Tar, Python upload, Python XML, Python XMP and Python Zip.
Style Guide for Python Code
"Style Guide for Python Code," by Guido van Rossum and Barry Warsaw (June 2008). Discusses coding conventions for the Python code comprising the standard library in the main Python distribution, code layout, indentation, tabs or spaces, maximum line length, class rectangle, blank lines, encodings, imports, whitespace in expressions and statements, comments, block comments, inline comments, documentation strings, version bookkeeping, naming conventions, naming styles, names to avoid, package and module names, class names, exception names, global variable names, function names, function and method arguments, method names and instance variables, designing for inheritance and programming recommendations.
Python Code
Python Code. Samples include basic backpropagating neural network in Python, the Eight Queens problem, a simple resize PIL image with Python, a simple Python script to extract CA coordinates from a protein database file, a GET stream from the web using Python, importing from CSV file, and more.
Python Tutorials
Python Scripts. Topics include audio systems, content management, database tools, development tools, email systems, form processors, games and entertainment, graphs and charts, image manipulation, link checking, mailing list managers, multimedia, networking tools, organizers, searching, security systems, XML and more.

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